Thursday 26 November 2009

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to be able to offer the fourth in our historic Millwall series of lapel pin badges. Once again we’re commemorating another great Lions side – the Third Division (S) championship team of 1937-38.

The badge is pictured below. Another championship badge, so it’s again a silver depiction of a Lion at rest on a plinth showing the main title ‘Millwall’, with the simple word ‘Champions’ above and the years 1937 and 1938 below. Both separated by our usual ‘nolu’ tag.

I know that I’m biased, but I think this pin, like our Lions head 1927-28 badge, is actually quite beautiful. I hope that as many Millwall badge collectors as possible agree, as once again we will be devoting the proceeds of the sale to the Help for Heroes charity.

There are three ways to get your copy of the 1937-38 badge:

(1) Cash - I'll be selling the badges at most of the forthcoming home games at the usual NOLU spot by the Zampa Road gate. If you’d like to pay cash and collect from me personally, email me at and I'll reserve a badge for you in advance.

(2) By Pay Pal – please forward £5 per badge to - also please remember to include a postal address and to say if it’s the 1910, 1927-28 or 1937-38 badge that you want..

(3) By cheque – made payable to Nick Hart c/o NOLU, PO Box 62554, London E6 9GH – again please remember to include your address and to tell me which badge that you want.

All orders will be mailed next day. Any queries please either email me at or post on this thread and I’ll answer as soon as possible.

The previous badges still for sale in the historic series can be viewed at the NOLU blog: - please note that we have just a few 1910 badges left now.

Thanks for everyone’s support as always.