Saturday 14 November 2009

1927-28 Third Division (S) Championship commemorative badge - £5

Following on from our Dockers and 1910 Cold Blow Lane commemorative badges, I’m pleased to be able announce that the third in the series is now available in honour of the great Millwall championship side of 1927-28 (picture below). This badge is slightly unconventional in that I’ve gone for a silver metal finish – the gold-ish look is due to the photo being taken under electric lights. I’m trying to be a bit art deco as well with this one. See what you think – comments welcome (good or bad).

Once again we’re asking for £5 for these badges and - as always with NOLU - this is being done entirely for charity (after production and postage costs).

The beneficiary charity this time will be ‘Combat Stress’ which is the leading charity specialising in the care of British Veterans who have been profoundly traumatised by harrowing experiences during their service career. Many Veterans leave the Armed Forces with highly debilitating conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety disorders. Their problems can remain masked for years, and they and their families may be struggling to deal with matters at home. Ongoing operations across the Middle East are stretching the resources available and already the charity has seen over 300 referrals from Iraq and Afghanistan. I hope that the sale of these badges will link in with the club’s ‘Help for Heroes’ support at the home game on November 21st 2009.

I will post the final charity donation when achieved on the Millwall message boards.

There are three ways to get your copy of the 1927-28 badge:

(1) Cash - I'll be selling the badges at most of the forthcoming home games at the usual NOLU spot by Zampa Road gate. If you’ll be at the game and would like to collect from me personally, email me at and I'll reserve a badge for you to pick up on the day.

(2) By Pay Pal – please forward £5 per badge to - please remember to include a postal address.

(3) By cheque – made payable to Nick Hart c/o NOLU, PO Box 62554, London E6 9GH – please remember to include your address and to tell me if it’s the 1910 or the 1927-28 badge that you want. (Or both of course)

All orders will be mailed next day. Any queries please either email me at or post on this thread and I’ll answer as soon as possible.

Cheers all