Wednesday 17 March 2010

NOLU badge – 1961-62 Fourth Division Champions

NOLU badge – 1961-62 Fourth Division Champions

Apologies for the recent delay, but I’m pleased to be able announce the next in the NOLU historic series – a celebration of the 1961-62 Fourth Division championship side. As always with our championship badges, we’ve used the silver non-enamel style, this time with a lion lifted from a 1960 programme front cover.

There are three ways to purchase this badge:

Paypal – please forward £5 per badge to (please note this is our new email address following problems with the old)

Cheque – for £5 per badge made payable to ‘Nick Hart’ care of NOLU, PO Box 62554, London E6 9GH – please don’t forget your name and address.

Cash – I will be selling the badges at the usual NOLU spot adjacent to the Zampa Road entrance gate at the forthcoming home games.

Our badge series to date has been very successful and I would like to thank everyone for their support so far. All profits from the NOLU badges will contribute to NOLU costs, sponsorships and charitable donations.

Any queries please do email me at or post on this thread.