Monday 3 August 2009

Millwall History Badges - The Dockers 1885 - 1910

Next year sees two historic anniversaries for Millwall FC – 125 years since the club’s foundation on the Isle of Dogs in 1885 - and 100 years since the move south of the River Thames to Cold Blow Lane in 1910.

To celebrate our club’s story, NOLU will be producing a series of limited edition lapel badges over the year ahead designed to illustrate the key moments and events of the last 125 seasons. As always the profits from these badges will be donated to a named charity.

The first in our Historic Millwall series is shown below. ‘The Dockers’ is a design that commemorates the first phase of the club’s existence in East London. It uses a central motif used in an old team photo seen in James Murray’s ‘Lions of the South’. It features the word Millwall across the top, then Rovers and Athletic down the sides - with our proud roots on the Isle of Dogs named across the bottom. On the central white field are our former nickname ‘The Dockers’ and the dates 1885-1910. We will only make 100 of this design – first come, first served.

The beneficiary charity for this first in the series will be the Help For Heroes campaign at Given the news right now, I can’t think of a more deserving charity to support. In order to generate a strong donation, we are going to ask £5 for this limited edition badge – I hope everyone will support us in this effort.

There are two ways to place your order:

* By Pay Pal – please forward £5 per badge to - please remember to include a postal address.

* By cheque – made payable to Nick Hart c/o NOLU, PO Box 62554, London E6 9GH remember to include your address as above.

If I have any left over by the opening games of the season, then I’ll bring them along to sell with our first issue. However if the last badge we did is anything to go by, these will shift very fast.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s support as ever.