Friday 19 June 2009

NOLU badges – SOLD OUT

I’m very pleased to be able to report that we’ve now sold out all but five of the NOLU 2009-10 badges – I’ll keep these back for any remaining postal applications delayed by the local industrial action by the E6 postmen.

I’ve just been able to donate another £150 to the Mizen ‘Jimmybus’ appeal, so making a total of £480 generated by the sales of these badges. This has been a real success and I want to thank everyone who bought one. I took a bit of a punt on getting these made and it’s really heartening to have both covered the basic costs, as well as generate so much money for such a strong cause.

I’m very keen to develop on the NOLU principle of selling something to generate much needed cash for charity. So we may well try this again – with a different design - come the new season. Watch this space…

Nick Hart
NOLU Magazine